Our Core Benefits 

The Benefits of the WasteFuel Platform’s proprietary process.

The Integrated Bio-Refinery uses the cleanest and most efficient industrial gasification method for the massive conversion of the waste. Leaving behind environmentally obsolete and unacceptable waste management practices like incineration-combustion and significantly reducing by more than 80% the waste disposition in landfills.


Social Impact & Sustainability

The Human Benefits of the WasteFuel Platform

Better Air Quality
Improve Economy
Reduce Landfills
Flourishing Wildlife

Healthy Planet
Incremental Jobs   
Clean Water 
Healthy Communities




WasteFuel. A Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

1.6 million barrels of fuel are required per day in the United States by the aviation industry.

Innovative Environmental and Social Impact / No Burning, No Burying, No Toxics / Generating New Shared Value - New Jobs / Promoting Circular Economy by Reducing Disposition of Waste / The Most Sustainable Massive Method for Production of Bio-Fuels

Jet Fuel and Diesel that comply with industry
standards and generate 80% less carbon emissions 

Our cleaner and more efficient drop-in sustainable fuels generate 80% less carbon emissions as compared to the current lifecycle and effect of fossil fuels. This plays a key role for the airline industry towards their commitment of Carbon Neutral Growth by 2020 (IATA-CORSIA), which requires them more than 1.6 B Gal/year of these Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).

Various global airlines such as United, SouthWest, Japan Airlines, FedEx, Cathay Pacific, British Airways and Virgin have publicly announced off-take agreements for the purchase of SAF.


WasteFuel. A Clean Fuel Solution.


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