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Kevin Stark

Kevin Stark is a 22-year SEAL with demonstrated expertise in effectively building and leading high-performance 
teams, managing programs and projects, and applying problem-solving skills to drive organizational success.
Kevin most recently served as Program Manager and Innovation Team Leader at a Naval Special Warfare Unit where he helped establish the organizational framework of a 42-person start-up executing $50M annually to create disruptive innovation. Kevin led and coordinated the activities of a diverse team of SEALs, explosive ordinance technicians, pilots, engineers, and national-level labs in the experimentation, adaptation, and acquisition of cutting-edge technologies in direct support of national defense priorities. He also managed $28M in combined project funds to develop next-generation technologies into proven capabilities to further US foreign policy with Naval Special Warfare forces deployed globally.
Kevin’s prior SEAL experience includes five years of Senior Instruction at the Naval Special Warfare Center for over 4,500 SEAL candidates, followed by three years of Program Management at the United States Naval Academy. Kevin has his MBA in Financial Management and MS in Special Operations and Irregular Warfare from the Naval Postgraduate School.
Kevin currently resides in Florida with his wife and three children. - Back to Team